About us

  • MesoMx is a Spanish cosmetic brand Based in Barcelona, Spain Since 2007. MesoMX is specialized in manufacturing transdermal products developed for the medical-aesthetic sector. 
  • MesoMX philosophy is to make the perfect transdermal products, delivering pure active substance to its proper place, giving the skin what it really needs for each case. 
  • MesoMx is high end cocktails ingredients rich with its maximum efficacy and optimum clinical results. It has been satisfactory to patients, dermatologist and plastic surgeons for more than seven years. 
  • MesoMx formulations are based on optimal concentrations of active ingredients and pharmaceutical grade ingredients with proven scientific results to be the mesotherapy cocktail of your choice. 
  • MesoMx has been recognized by safety, high efficacy and ease to use. 

Mesotherapy in Dermatology

Mesotherapy may target a variety of skin structures to induce its clinical outstanding results. 

  1. Hair (MesoHair): Hair loss disorders and androgenetic alopecias. 
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles of the face (MesoGlow): To rejuvenate the face and giving more youthful look. 
  3. Facial Pigmentation(MesoFade): Melasma both epidermal and dermal may have beneficial results. 
  4. Localized Fat(MesoLipo) To dissolve localized fatty areas of the body called injection lipolysis.

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